Know when you have been hacked

Cloud Native Intrusion Detection System.


Nascond from SecurityCTRL is intrusion detection software designed and built for the cloud. When your cloud security is compromised it lets you know. Quick and simple to deploy, there’s no need for maintenance or constant tuning. Once deployed Nascond sits patiently in the background waiting for intruders.

100% true-positives

Every alert is triggered by unauthorised activity. Unlike more expensive SIEM software, there are no false alarms. Nascond mimics a regular file server but contains no valuable data. No data that an authorised user would access. So every access request is a malicious action.


Most organisations are unaware their cloud infrastructureservers have been hacked until it’s too late. Fast intrusion detection is essential to counter the growing threat of ransomware and other malicious attacks. Nascond intrusion detection software from SecurityCTRL is an affordable and elegant new solution designed for agile and devops cloud environments.

Cloud infrastructure providers have good basic security controls. Probably better than most organisations can afford on their own. But relying on your cloud provider’s perimeter prevention strategy isn’t enough. Your organisation remains responsible for the security of the data it holds on the cloud. And because dynamic cloud ecosystems use hundreds of applications, it’s impossible to secure your organisation’s cloud from every possible threat. Best practice assumes a breach will happen.

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